Myanmar Film Festival of Los Angeles (MFFLA)

About MFFLA:

In 2007, the Network of Myanmar-American Association, with local community support and a dedicated volunteer staff, launched the Myanmar Film Festival of Los Angeles. For the past nine years, the Film Festival has brought diverse styles of Myanmar cinema to the Myanmar-American community and other American audiences, and is one of the largest events that the non-profit organization produces. The festival brings a greater awareness and appreciation for Myanmar (Burmese) culture, not only to the Myanmar-American community, but to the greater Los Angeles community in general.

In addition to full-length films, in 2010 the Myanmar Film Festival expanded its screenings to include shorts and documentaries. Since its inception, the festival has grown to become an important community event, and has expanded its reach and extended its programming every year since. Currently, MFFLA is continuous funded by the grants from the California Arts Council (2016-2020), Los Angeles County Arts Commission (2011 – 2020), and Cultural Grants Program from the City of Los Angeles. (2016 – 2021).


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The Myanmar Film Festival is a Fine Example of Community-based Exhibition:

While the Myanmar (Burmese) Film Festival, now in its thirteenth years, is marked by steady success, it’s not yet a player in the cinema circuit in Asian community in the United States. But that’s okay. The intense seems to be sparking local dialogue, and with this, the Festival excels. Please join us for a wide range of films; new and old, sad and joyful, scary and funny, and to share some good times with everyone!

With a growing population, our community requires a growing social and cultural infrastructure. Film is an excellent medium to effectively raise awareness of Myanmar-American issues, both internal and external, as well as glimpse into country of Myanmar. It is an effective educational tool, especially for the second-generation of Myanmar-Americans.

Finding a program of films every year is both an exhilarating and daunting task. We have put together an amazing staff that loves dialogue and discourse, understands the filmmaking community and is committed to building an audience for independent films. We trust each other to develop a program as a place of passion for originality and excellence. For the last seven years, MFFLA has received an increase in the number of documentary submissions and has subsequently grown to accommodate for the boom in entries.

The 13th annual Myanmar Film Festival of Los Angeles will be held in October 2020. The success of MFFLA is due to the passion and energy of all our dedicated committee members that volunteer their time throughout the year. We’d also like to thank our volunteers, sponsors and the audiences. Without you, this festival would not be possible.

2020 Myanmar Film Festival of Los Angeles, MFFLA (13th Edition)


  • To raise awareness of culture and promote a greater appreciation of Myanmar cinema by showcasing films about Myanmar and the diverse perspectives of the Myanmar culture.
  • To help promote Myanmar films and filmmakers to Hollywood. Myanmar directors or film creators who try to expand their network in the North America and expose their films to the Film and Media Industry to get involved in the business.
  • To enlighten the American audience and improve the image of Myanmar films which are currently thought to be limited.
  • To promote new generations of Myanmar-American films and filmmakers.

Submission Guideline – MFFLA Festival Information:

Place: Downtown Independence Theater, Los Angeles

Date:  OCTOBER 2020

Host:  Network of Myanmar American Association (NetMAA)

Film Eligibility:

– Feature films must not have had any public or festival screenings in the greater Los Angeles area, including Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties.

– Feature films and short films must not have had any commercial, theatrical or television play in the U.S. Features films must not have broadcasted on the internet.

– For submission purposes, DVD screeners may be of works-in-progress, films with temporary soundtracks, or digital outputs.

– Filmmakers must deliver final format (as indicated) for Festival screenings. No exceptions will be permitted.

Submission Requirements:

– All rights including images and music used in the film will have to be cleared.

English subtitle must be provided (if not English). NetMAA cannot provide the subtitle information.

– The theme could be anything, the theme has to be related to Myanmar (Burma).

– The director and/or producer should be able to attend the screening (if selected) in Los Angeles.

Online Submissions:

Send an online screener ; if you have a trailer, send that too. Please submit your film in .MOV or MPEG format* in 1080p for the selection process.

– A complete signed festival entry form (2020 Myanmar Film Festival of Los Angeles_Entry Form)

– One (1) set of Press Kit including:

  • Synopsis
  • Director’s bio/filmography
  • Reviews (if possible)

*English subtitle must be provided (if not English)


Deadline:  JULY 31  AUGUST 15, 2020 (Delivered by)

Film Acceptance:

If your film is selected to be in the final competition, we will notify you via e-mail or phone by the end of August 2020.

*Please do not call NetMAA or MFFLA. We will contact you directly.

Mailing Address:

Network of Myanmar American Association
2168 S. Atlantic Blvd., Suite 230
Monterey Park, CA 91754



Submission in Myanmar: Contact U San Nyunt @ 09 780 151534


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