“Greener Pastures” Documentary Film

“Greener Pastures” Documentary Film

A Myanmar filmmaker must flee his country. As refugee amongst refugees, he gains a new perspective on his homeland through the stories of three illegal migrant workers in Thailand – where law vanishes, only humanity remains.

GREENER PASTURES follows three Myanmar migrant workers and their families in their struggle for survival. Ma Cho and Ko Zaw, the couple living under conditions of modern slavery; Kyaw Moe Win, the 12 years-old boy dreaming of going back to school; and Myint Thein, the restless migrant worker who out of desperation has worked in terrible conditions all over the globe already.

They are three out of three million Myanmar working as migrant workers in Thailand. Through Tin Win Naing’s eyes, we witness how they are exploited ruthlessly through back-breaking farm labor for a daily salary of just 3 USD. And even this salary is not something they can count on. They live in constant fear of the police and are vilified by most Thais. From the economic desert Myanmar, they traveled into modern Thailand where they are deserted of their human rights. Solely dependent on people’s humanity, they are hoping to find greener pastures and a future for those they have left behind.

The filmmaker – a refugee amongst refugees – observes his compatriots in close and empathetic detail. GREENER PASTURES takes us on a deeply felt journey into the hearts and minds of a people who have been tormented by Myanmar’s system for decades and who are now mistreated in a foreign home. In spite of this, however, they have emerged as fighters – fighters against despair. We experience how they keep their spirits and culture alive, and never forget how to smile.

This film will focus on the Myanmar illegal migrants working in the agricultural sector. In Thailand’s fields they live in settlements just like the ones in Myanmar. Some come with their whole family; others leave their children and grandparents behind. All of them have a dream in common – that one day they can return home with enough money to ensure a better future for their families.

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Greener Pastures_Film_Trailer (short)


Director & Cinematographer: Tin Win Naing

Cinematographer: Aung Ko Ko a.k.a. Moe Thorne

Editor: Jessica Ehlebracht

Producer: Yasmin C. Rams, LOKANAT PRODUCTIONS

Co-Producer: Rodney Charles

U.S. Official Community Partner: Network of Myanmar American Association (NetMAA)


In Thailand, where there are now over three million Myanmar working as ‘illegal’ immigrants, mostly in the agricultural, fishing and service sectors, they can earn three times more than they can at home. Their cheap labor keeps the Thai economy buoyant as they are there looking for greener pastures.

Thailand’s dependency on Myanmar cheap labor is still an issue that is ignored by all, and the migrant workers remain voiceless. “Greener Pastures” aims to give a voice to these Myanmar migrants, the more developed countries and the ‘Western’ world all base their wealth on. And it shines a light on those who sustain humanity in such sensitive situations; who know what truly counts when laws and morals are turned on their heads.


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