JOB OPENINGS in MYANMAR: Professionals and Graduates with the U.S. Education

JOB OPENINGS in MYANMAR: Professionals and Graduates with the U.S. Education

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Hello from Asia!

Please, let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Yi and I work for a Search Firm helping to connect Professionals and Graduates with companies in Myanmar. Many of our clients are seeking to transform the incredible shifting landscape of their home, Myanmar, and they are looking to find great talent. You!

There are so many sectors that need your help, such as Finance, Banking, Aviation, IT and FMCG, just to name a few. What’s even more impressive is that many employers are even willing to help with the cultural assimilation by offering language courses. Positions range from short-term to long-term as well.

In our efforts to serve you better and to make some meaningful relationships with the Burmese community, I am available at the following e-mail:


A great way to help connect you with what is going on over there would be to simply send me your CV, and write a brief, hello! If you’d like to talk over the phone, I can arrange for that too.

We truly hope you make the first step in connecting with us, and we look forward to working diligently with leaders to connect the two worlds.

With warm regards,


Michael Yi

Senior Consultant, Executive Search

+65 6222 3310 (Office)

+65 8318 8841 (Mobile)

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