The brief biography of MYAT NOE, the director of A Story Long Ago:


After coming back to Los Angeles, he worked at the J. Paul Getty Museum, California for three and a half year and saved money for financing of his film. Myat Noe, the writer and director of A Story Long Ago, started working on the script in 2008. He originally envisioned it to be a short script that will be a component of a much larger story line. But it has become increasingly clear to him that is should become a feature-length script in its own right. So he began modifying the script, adding more plot points and characters, at the same time shaping this seemingly conventional story into a non-classical narrative structure and it was finished by the end of 2008.

In May 2009, he went back to Myanmar again to make “A Story Long Ago,” his first feature-length film, which won critical and commercial successes. The post-production of A Story Long Ago was finished by the middle of August 2009. A DVD is expecting to release on August 2010. Myat Noe is currently living in the Los Angeles and working on his next project and planning to return to Myanmar (Burma) on the September for his new film.



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