Why Should I Become a Member of NetMAA?

As with any organization, membership is what gives the organization strength.  Becoming an active member of NetMAA helps us all be stronger and more united, and also enables us to support and promote education, social issues, and the arts and culture for the future of Myanmar generations in the U.S.


How can I join NetMAA or Get Involved?

In many ways! You can help NetMAA by donating your time, knowledge and resources. You can also join NetMAA as a member. We invite all Myanmar people to become members of NetMAA. If you would like to become a member, please complete a membership application.

Your membership will help us to continue our advocacy and community outreach programs.


Become a member today, renew your membership or give a gift membership to a friend! Click Below to download and print the PDF[513KB].

Thank you for supporting the NetMAA!

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